Thursday, October 16, 2008

[kgma] DA, e-Pinoy FARMS to help propel farm technologies

From: "kgma_news"
Date: October 16, 2008 11:23:06 PM EDT
Subject: [kgma] DA, e-Pinoy FARMS to help propel farm technologies

Iloilo City -- In step with President Arroyo's thrust to rapidly raise
farm productivity and rural incomes, the Department of Agriculture has
teamed up with e-Pinoy FARMS to speed up the delivery of new
technologies to farmers.

According to the DA press report e-Pinoy FARMS or e-Pinoy Farm
Resource Management System, is a proprietary integrated farm resource
management system, designed and developed by Optiserve Technologies, Inc. for agribusiness.

Director Nicomedes Eleazar of the DA's Bureau of Agricultural Research
(BAR) in a report to Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap said e-Pinoy
FARMS will help farmers and their organizations effectively organize,
allocate and manage vital resources for sustainability, increase
profitability and achieve agribusiness development.

The project, Eleazar said, highlights the value of community
participation and strategic management of resources as it encourages
proactive and multi-stakeholder participation in research, development
and extension.

The BAR's e-Pinoy FARMS project is among the DA's initiatives to carry
out President Arroyo's FIELDS program for agriculture. FIELDS stands
for Fertilizer, Irrigation and other rural infrastructure, Research
and extension work, Loans, Dryers and other post-harvest facilities,
and Seeds.

The BAR project is part of the Extension component of the FIELDS
program, which so far has received funding from the DA in the amount
of P694.74 million, the DA press report disclosed.

FIELDS is being implemented by the DA in the palay sub-sector through
its five-harvest self-sufficiency program that aims to make the
country 98% sufficient in the grain in two years' time by targeting
much higher harvests of 18.55 million MT next year and 19.77 million
MT in 2010.

Improving the country's rice self-sufficiency level and bringing food
on the table of every Filipino family have been President Arroyo's
commitments since her first State of the Nation Address in 2001. (PIA)

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